When Should we Start to Give back?

There is one thing I agree with the notion of “give back” is that you should have something to give to be able to give back. The question remains: How much you must have to do this?

We are living in materialistic society. People will judge you by what type of cars, cloths and houses you have. We always look at the messenger before listen to the message. Because of this, we are missing a lot of knowledge and potential gain from someone that is not necessarily fully accomplished.

  • The notion of “give back” does not mean you have to made it “be rich”.

You can give knowledge, wisdom and experience at any point in your journey. Positive feedback will always help someone.

So, if you are only in chapter one in your journey don’t be afraid to share you experience. Someone in chapter 20 can learn and someone who does not know where to start can also learn.

Don’t be afraid to give back !!!

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