”Who Got it Better Than us?”

”Who got it better than us? Nobody”. Jim Harbaugh

I am not a Niners fan, but this Jim Harbaugh theme during his tenure as coach in the NFL is a great way to focus on the most important person in the room: “you, your team or your organization.”

We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others by seeing what they have versus us.

In reality, we should have the attitude that no one got it better than us. We should focus on our strength and on the things we do great, so we can do greater.

If you understand this concept, you will realize that you have a lot of opportunities in front of you to be great and also the ability to affect your environment. It is the same way for your business or organization to find his uniqueness.

We should and can always learn from each other it does not mean that someone got it better than you.


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